About CannaCard Rewards


Implementing a rewards program is an excellent way to improve customer satisfaction while increasing profitability. CannaCard Rewards does just that. Our program was built to retain your most loyal customer base (who are likely to spend more money than new customers by rewarding them with discounted merchandise, coupons and other perks. It’s easy for you to implement and even easier for your customers to sign-up.

“Did you know it costs a business about 5-10X more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one? Not only that, but on average, current customers
spend 67% more than new customers.”
- HubSpot.com

CannaCard Rewards was designed to drive revenue in a variety of ways:

  • Increase purchases on your most profitable products: Placing bonus points on high margin products encourages shoppers to switch their purchases from lower-margined alternatives, thereby increasing the category`s gross profit.
  • Redirect TPR’s to fund your promotions: Points can be issued on specially tagged products (rather than by the size of a purchase), allowing you to re-direct TPR funds (manufacturers marketing allowances) to pay for a promotion.
  • Sell short-dated and overstocked inventory: Issuing bonus points on particular products enables you to unload overstocked or short-dated inventory while giving your customers a perceived discount.
  • Drive sales with points expiration: Customers do not want to lose the points they have accumulated. Giving points expiration dates encourages members to make purchases they otherwise would not have.
  • Spending thresholds reduce program’s cost: When points can only be redeemed if a certain spending threshold is reached (i.e. spending $50 rather than $49.99) sales greatly increase, which can significantly lower the program's overall cost.
  • Ease congestion during peak hours: Offer double points to entice customers to shop during your least busy times. Members who take advantage of these off-peak hours receive added value while retailers are relieved of staffing concerns.

Implementing CannaCard Rewards At Your Dispensary

Once your dispensary is signed up with CannaCard, and the POS system integration is complete, your customers can download the CannaCard Mobile App™ and register. While CannaCard Rewards is an automatic addition to the CannaCard Mobile App, users can choose to opt-out. CannaCard Rewards can be customized to your dispensary and integrated with any existing rewards program that you may already offer.

It’s easy for customers to join CannaCard Rewards. They simply download the CannaCard Mobile App to their Android™ or iPhone® device and follow the prompts to create an account. Customers will be able to use their CannaCard